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Tech Lead at Finetune

Technical decisions and collaboration with stakeholders to prioritize new features and fixes. Translated business requirements into user stories, bridging the gap between technical and non-technical stakeholders. Involved in the due diligence process, contributing to the successful acquisition of the company by Prometric. Responsible for conducting technical interviews.

Freelancer Developer

Software Engineer at Finetune

Full-stack developer. Focus on building AI products integrated with Large Language Models (LLMs), utilizing mainly Python and React. Implemented significant refactors to enhance the codebase, improving maintainability and performance. Promoted to Tech Lead following the departure of the previous lead.

Software Engineer at Sicredi

Same as below, but hired directly by Sicredi. Left to work internationally.

Software Engineer at CWI Software (Sicredi)

CWI employee working outsourced at Sicredi. Worked on the core banking migration. As the first developer of the risk team, engineered the transition from a legacy risk system (Clipper) to a Python-based solution on AWS, handling millions of operations. Achieved significant cost reductions and processing time improvements while modernizing technology infrastructure. Participated in frontend development using React. Worked on expanding the technical team, helping on technical interviews. Left because received an offer to work directly at Sicredi.

Software Engineer at CWI Software

Worked on the implementation and maintenance of an API using Python and Django, and a frontend using Vanilla JavaScript. Contributed to the expansion of the system to new countries. Partly remote work coordinating with international teams. Left because the project was ending.

Welcome to the Django

Joined WTTD and started learning Python, Django and much more than programming.

Webmaster at Sprint Final

Designed and deployed multiple hotsites using PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Gulp, etc. Administered and updated company websites and blogs using WordPress Provided expert technical support, resolving issues and maintaining system reliability. Left to work with Python.

Intern at the Agile Methodologies Training Project (ThoughtWorks/PUCRS)

Participated in ThoughtWorks and PUCRS "Aceleradora" project, gaining hands-on experience in agile methodologies while developing a [real open-source project](https://github.com/aceleradora/RegistroLivre). Left because it only lasted 5 months.

Intern at Power Imaging

Contributed to the development and maintenance of websites, desktop systems, and Windows Services using .NET. Left to join experience above.

Technical Education